Providing Data / Services

The mission of OneGeology is being fulfilled by the cooperation of participating member organisations worldwide. This part of the website gives technical guidance on how to provide services for OneGeology to those organisations that fit within the prospective member guidelines and have registered with OneGeology as participants. Some of the guidance may also be of use to others who wish to set up similar services outside OneGeology.

As described in the pages on using OneGeology data there are different kinds of data and levels of interaction with that data that are provided by OneGeology services. As a participant you need to decide what kinds of service to set up. This will depend on what data you have available and what level of access you wish to provide to it. You will also need to decide how much effort you are able to spend to harmonise your data with relevant standards. The next sections give an overview of different kinds of data source you might use and what levels of functionality you could provide with different services.